Latest Big Butt Bounce Bang
Just like bouncing your low rider down the streets of South Central, taking these big ass black booty Babes for a ride can be as much of a rough rumble as any rodeo ride! Saddle up and get a good grip on her hips with your knees because once she starts bringin' it, you gots to get all the way UP in there if you want to impress her with Yo skillz! These Divas love big dicks and they want to prove they can give you all the ass you been looking for – so come'on playa, get some of her wetness for your own self!
Nobody brings it better than the Big Butt Bounce rap video bitches. We hand picked each one of the chocolate honeys you’ll see in our chart-topping music videos and if they can't put out at the party, we don't bother keepin' then 'round here for no other reasons neither… so step it up inside where ALL the hardcore HD action is waitin' fo' YOU!
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Diamond's Big Butt Bounce


Views: 2817 | Viewer Rating: 3.9 / 5
Diamond is one of those girls you thought you'd never have a chance in hell getting in bed - but then, as luck would have it, you turn into this superstar porn stud, and along she comes looking to make a few extra bucks. Damn, I'm one lucky sob, ain't I? You got it - I always wanted to get a piece of Diamond back in high school but never thought I'd have the chance, here she comes sashaying into the studio with that big ole' brown sexy ass of hers - and I just about fell out of my chair....
Big Butt Bounce is all about YOU! Bringing out some bangin' beats, busting out big beautiful black ass and combining them both together in a mix that is guaranteed to make you smile 'cause you won’t know whether you want to dance or cum!

We got world class HOs rockin' their moneymakers to a new skool melody and grinding down on overtime as the DJs and MCs spit off terrific gangsta rhymes!

Chocolate Stallion's Big Butt Bounce

Chocolate Stallion

Views: 2815 | Viewer Rating: 3.9 / 5
You want to feel the earth moving when you're fucking a horny big ass slut, then look for Chocolate! This big sweet babe loves bouncing her ass all over the place, and believe me, when she bounces, the earth really does start rolling! I ain't never seen a bitch in heat shake her butt the way Chocolate does! You'd think she was trying to place on the Richter Scale or something! Either way, this big bouncing ebony babe loves sex, and any guy that gets a chance to fuck her delicious mounds...

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Lethal Lipps's Big Butt Bounce

Lethal Lipps

Views: 2587 | Viewer Rating: 3.7 / 5
You want to talk about one hellcat that has this extremely wild and kinky side? Then look no further than Lethal Lipps! I'll tell you this big ass black slut is so damn kinky, all the guys love fucking her brains out - no kidding! She's one hot bitch in bed, and with her pierced nipples, those dagger nails - you better do what she asks, or she may end up smothering you between her fat ass cheeks! Lethal loves sex, and I love fucking girls who love sex, but riding this huge ass slut, well,...
When these big beautiful black asses back up on you, you better know how to come correct! Big Butt Bounce gets you into the crew of today's hardcore rap video playa’s where you can see how the allstars from South Central do they thang! Hangin' loose with your homeboyz Yukmouth, Dru Down and Kurrupt life is a BIG mutha-fuckin party and your dick is the xxx porn guest of honor!

Moca's Big Butt Bounce


Views: 2256 | Viewer Rating: 3.6 / 5
I saw Moca in a bar the other night and loved watching this girl dancing around with a group of her friends. I just couldn't get enough of her shaking her ass in those tight booty girl shorts these hoochie sluts love to wear. Anyway, gave her my card, didn't expect to hear from her (can't say I wasn't hoping though), and the next thing I know...

Turn off da' TV set and step up to the hardcore rap video experience. How many times have you seen sexy bitches in bikinis and thongs bouncing to a hot beat but never showing you enough?! Fuck that! With the Big Butt Bounce crew you get to see every dark angel spread her legs for xxx porn fucking and sucking the way rap music was meant to be enjoyed! That’s right, it's PORN Vs. RAP and the winner is YOU!
Latest Big Butt Bounce Bang
Latest Big Butt Bounce Bang
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